We all have our own unique personal characteristics. And we know that hobbies also have many features that make them different. So why not have you a "Soul Hobby" too? If you are curious about the hobby that matches you, here is your chance!

First of all, could you inform us about how your social relationships are?


How would you evaluate your academic life?


Well, can you share with us the your most important characteristic for you?


If you knew you would have one of the dogs below, which one would that be?


How is your approach to the problems you face in your daily life?

What does it mean to you to live with a plan?


Now let's review your education life and choose your favorite and most successful course!


Finally, think about your inner world. If there were a photograph, which of the following would be?


Which Hobby Are You According To The Personal Features?


If you were a hobby it would definitely be Mandala! If I say that those who see the life energy in you are dazzled by the glow, it is not a lie. The source of this energy is your devotion to family and friends. You collect the little energy you get from them, feed them and reflect them on your environment in an even bigger way. Regardless of the people who around you, your sincerity gives them peace and confidence. Thanks to your rich perspective on the events happening around you, you attract a lot of attention in your environment. Sometimes your facial expression can contain more than one emotion. But don't be sad, that's never a bad thing! The reflection of her complex emotions on her face creates a breeze of art when viewed from the outside. Having a colorful character made you feel more confident instead of scaring you. Do not be afraid, you do not have much ego where your self-confidence should be right. The biggest advice from me; Do not miss the evil eye bead on it 🙂


Origami is your soul hobby! I can say it's very little time before you get sick of symmetry. Everything should be in the golden ratio scheme for you. While you are learning something, cleaning, spending time in the kitchen, you pay too much attention to the schematic of your actions. Every work you do reminds you of a concrete shape. You plan your daily life with the shapes you create in your mind and put it into practice. Don't really think of it as a disease! This feature is the biggest factor in your success. Mathematical intelligence is too strong, but it is an undeniable fact that social intelligence has an effect on it. I recommend you to keep using both sides of your brain at the same rate and you will never regret the results!


I can feel its calmness perhaps from miles away. It's like you've gathered all the positive energy in the universe on you. You have become the source of peace and tranquility of the people around you. You are the first person your family and friends want to reach when they have a problem. Your ability to solve problems easily thanks to your calm approach to events makes you different from others. There is no such thing as a big trouble for you. You totally live in the moment and don't think about the rest. This is not a bad way of living without thinking about tomorrow, of course, when tomorrow comes, you do not leave any unsolved problems with all your maturity. Your concentration is too high. You never have trouble focusing, on the contrary, this action has become your lifestyle. You have a very friendly character. You do not judge anyone, you accepted and loved everyone as they are. But be careful, we don't want you to be upset by those around you!


If this was an IQ test, I wish you could share a photo of us holding the award of giftedness. You have a very different interest in numbers. You have used it very well in your career or are about to use it. You have a practical solution to every event. You approach situations in a very 'engineer-like' (I know there is no such word) way. This gives you a different atmosphere but you are not aware of it. You have an instinct for creativity, but your character won't let you show it off. Lift up your walls and let those around you see the gem in you. You have formed the control of the stress level in your daily life. Sometimes it works for you to be stressed and you know that. Your memory is very strong, you never forget what you saw. Beware of! Sometimes it's not so good to remember everything 🙂


Your memories are your everything! Your longing for your past life is hot in your nose. You have always been one of those who immortalize the moment, not to live the moment. It means you are the person who says "come on" to a selfie "in a friend environment! I know that people around you are complaining about you most of the time because of this feature, but don't worry, I understand you. No matter how your day passes, you want to fall asleep by looking at each photo one by one before you fall asleep at night. Because you don't trust your memory, you can't stop making it immortal no matter what moment you are. Whatever anyone says, do not give up on your habit. Your memories make you, don't forget that. Of course, don't hooked on away too much. I'm sure there are great things waiting for you in the future too!

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