Tell me about yourself. What is your most prominent personality trait?

What do you like to do most in your spare time?

What do you usually order when you go out for a drink?

What is the sweet you would eat, even though you are full?

What is your must-have in your favorite combination?

Good news! An endless amount of money came out of the lottery. What would you do with this money?

What is the weather that makes you happiest?

Which house would you like to live in?

Which City You Should Live in According to Your Preferences?

Welcome to the city of freedom

Welcome to London. We hope you find what you are looking for

Welcome to Ottawa. If you find the source of Canadians' happiness, let us know
New York

Welcome to dream city. If the lights catch your eye, don't be mad at us, you chose this place

You are such a romantic, your city is Paris. Start packing your coolest clothes in your luggage, you're going to the fashion capital

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