There are things that you always wanted to realize from the first moment you started dreaming, but that you cannot do because you think it is impossible or because of some worries, fears, right? So let's find out what is that?

First of all, can you tell me how much you love working?

Which of the following hobbies come closer to you?

What things come to mind when you think of social activity?

Well, if freedom were a color, what color would it be?


Now there is a very general question, are you ready? What is your expectation from life in general?

What music genres do you generally prefer?

Finally, you will choose one of the houses below and you can now live there, which one would you prefer?

What You Wanted So Much For Your Life But You Can't Do It We Say "That" Thing!
Swinging on a Cliff Edge

I have no idea about the length of your height, but it turns out that your eyes want to see the beauties on earth in an even wider perspective than their length. Apart from this situation, your business life, your school life, or both of them sometimes exhausts you and suffocates you so much that you want to swing yourself down through a void, provided that it comes with certain security measures. Often times you think your professional and personal life is limiting you. So probably looking at the above photo already made you feel free. You don't like to take risks most of the time, but there is someone inside who knows no boundaries, can be fearless at times, or wants to feel the joy of fear. Although not so often, your response to your inner voice also keeps the instant and different things you do at that moment attractive. You should be sure that you have a lifestyle that most people follow with care. But I recommend you, you still hold the ropes very tight 🙂
Transforming Your Physical Appearance

Is it habitual? Each one has become your nightmare. Having a haircut once a month does not satisfy you anymore. You need more noticeable changes. But whenever you want to make such a radical change about yourself, it becomes inevitable that you will give up your decision when your personal instincts, especially social judgments, are involved. We can infer from here that there are minor self-confidence problems. The reverberation of questions like "I wonder if I can confirm this myself after you do it? Will I regret it?" Is the main obstacle to your realization.
Looking at Earth from Space

"Let me go home, lie on my sofa, grab my tea and coffee, watch a movie." thought probably feels farther from space to you. The prospect of living a monotonous life on Earth frightened you so much that you started looking for a remedy in space. Someone asked you, "Shall we have a coffee this weekend?" "Let's have our coffee on Everest!" You are in the mind to say. The usual activities are no longer satisfying you. You admit that what most people describe as impossible is difficult, but it's never a reason to give up. On the contrary, you start that business with greater ambition. Your passion to do this difficult thing is one of the most important reasons why you don't lose your enthusiasm for life. Be assured that as long as you keep using your ambition in the best possible way, it may be a matter of time before you even go to space. We will only have one request from you. We'll take a self when we've gone that far, don't come here before immortalizing the moment 🙂
Sleeping Outdoors

At the end of each spring, towards the beginning of summer, among friends, "Let's go camping!" the one who puts his mind forward. So what is the first thing that comes to mind in the face of this suggestion? “How am I going to sleep? Do any bugs get into my mouth, nose or ears? " and even "What if there is no room left in the tent?" Although it is one of the most beautiful forms of vacation, these doubts arise in our minds involuntarily when we say camping. "Should I sleep on the balcony tonight?" You have always thought. But because you instinctively think you need to be constantly cautious, you want to be as safe as possible in your sleep, one of the most vulnerable moments. Nevertheless, every time this idea comes to mind, you have an excitement that you cannot understand and a desire that you have difficulty in avoiding. You don't want anything to come between you and that sky you admire. Now leave some of your worries behind and sleep one day in the open sky with the endless sky and wake up feeling the sun literally! Of course not now, if you have waited until this time, you should wait for the spring or summer months for your health 🙂
Traveling alone

It cannot be ignored that this desire has become more evident with the pandemic. Yes, maybe you longed to do something with your friends or family, but still the thought of taking a long journey alone is as interesting as the first day. Nobody gets involved, "Let's eat this, not that, let's go here, not here." Nobody says. You eat whatever you want wherever you want. Sometimes you think, "So who will take my pictures?" The question falls, but it takes a very short time for you to realize that this is actually not that important. If you have the opportunity, you are bored enough to take your backpack and go on a world tour. You yearn for places you've never seen before. Your relations with your environment are very strong, but you need to stay alone and listen to yourself. That's why "traveling with yourself" has become your biggest dream. You seem to be on this journey the first time you get the chance. Don't forget to put it in your bag as it works like a selfie stick to be able to take pictures!

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