When you pass your life in front of your eyes, you will see that you have maybe made friends with completely different characters. But did you know what kind of characters your friends have effect your hobbies? Try and see without waiting any longer!

First of all, how many friends do you have, can you count right now?

How often do you get together with your friends?


How many hours of your phone calls during the day do you spend with your friends?


You say so much my friend, my friend. Do you know his favorite color?


Finally, what do you think your friends like the most about you?


Tell Me About Your Friend and I'll Tell You Your Hobby!

As I understand it, the energy in your circle of friends is enough to light up at least one town! I can say that you remain calm among your friends, even if your family thinks about how hyperactive you are and tells you this often. Whenever you come together to chat, the environment gets lively in minutes. Your accumulated conversations, your impatiently waiting to tell each other gossip are postponed to the next meeting each time. The strange but good part of the situation is that nobody complains about it. Everyone is so pleased with the sparkle and energy of the environment that none of you can understand how time passes. They never stop saying "We'll be dispersed for 1 hour". You know, there are endless goodbyeings happening at the door while passing the guests coming home, just like your friends are just about to leave, throwing a madness idea that no one can say no to and you are dragged away. However, there is an end to these gatherings and these drains of energy, unfortunately: (You need a hobby that you can pursue on a routine basis. I offer you a hobby that will fully meet your needs, even if it exhausts you from time to time, you will enjoy and have fun from it: Dance!


Why is the number of your friends constantly updated? Your close friends bring a different person with you every time you meet, and it is interesting that the environment is never tense or just met. As if you have been meeting for years, the conversation takes you around every time. You speak as you speak, you always talk. Communication between you is extraordinarily strong. Even if we are going to come to a hobby where you can use these communication skills actively in the friendly environment, this will definitely be Theater. You don't need to wait any longer, get on stage and show yourself!


What kind of friend environment is this? You have a friend who meets every characteristic that comes to mind. From the constantly nervous to the most comfortable in everything, from the constantly crying to the creaking of the door to the laughing, from the inability to stand up from the seat, all of them are in a separate realm. This situation is entirely due to your colorful and cool personality. Since you cannot find all of them in one person, you have made yourself a friend of all characteristics. However, if it continues like this, there will be no people on earth who are not your friends. This is a great thing of course, but you may find it difficult to spare time for each of them separately 🙂 I came to you with a hobby that will solve this need instantly: Paintball! "I can't go to this without my friends!" you are saying I know now. Yeah! Collect now, make Paintball and your friends a social routine. You can spend time with your friends and have a pleasant activity for yourself 🙂

Calmness and stillness ... I don't understand how you could be so sincere even though you talked so little. Silence has become your communication style. If you do not hear from each other for weeks, you will not be questioned, and maybe there will be no resentment between you due to the communication gap. Friends who do not like to talk are more interesting to you. The tangible best part of this situation is that you can even briefly and concisely discuss a problem that one of you is having and resolve it immediately. Of course, you have reasons for yourself, but how would you look for the calmness you seek in a hobby instead of in your friends? I say yoga absolutely. Of course, I am not saying give up on your friends, but you can find the peace you seek with yoga and share it with your friends. You can talk a little bit, yes what do you say?


What trouble did not end! Aren't you really tired of listening to your friends' troubles and trying to find a solution for them? Okay, I know they are trying to listen to your problem and solve it, but now you have officially made it a habit. When you come together, you do nothing but seek to remedy each other's troubles and seek solutions to your problems. They say yes, it will be clear on call bad days you friends, but it is not always a bad day dear You are very patient indeed, so are your friends. But now it must be time to call it a stop. What you really need is an opportunity to solve things, combine the pieces and reach a result. You can meet this need with a puzzle! You no longer have any reason not to start this hobby, which you will enjoy so much and test your own patience! Solve your problems with puzzles and enjoy it up to your friend 🙂


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