In different periods of your life, you get into completely different rush, even you get lost in most of them. You always have something missing, nothing comes as it should. Here, we argue that that space should be a hobby and we say the reason for this in your particular. We think you want to learn, what do you think?

First of all, do you think you are spending your free time productively?

Do you ever have doubts about how things work after you've planned out the things you do or want to do?

Are the things you have to do, a routine life and monotony enough to make you bored?

Do you often feel lonely and incomplete socially?

"Who are you?" If we asked, you could probably answer without thinking. So who are you really? what do you want?" If we say, can you answer that without thinking?

Do you generally find the attempts you make on your personal development insufficient?

Well, are you one of those who say I should feel successful at least once in every period of my life?

Can you say, "It is a unique feeling for me to witness my own development in any field"?

When you can't manage your stress, do you despair?

Finally, do you feel happy in fulfilling your responsibilities for your work or the department you are studying?

Find Out Why You Need a Hobby with a 10-Question Yes, No Test!
You've turned into a stress ball, we suggest you at least one hobby a day!

You obviously have a super complicated life. You are either almost lost in you or you are already gone. Don't despair right away, you still have a way out. Your responsibilities and your perfectionist approach to them have worn you a lot. It looks like you need new things to breathe for yourself. So would you believe it if I said I suggest you take one more responsibility? There is nothing to be afraid of, this will lighten the burden on your shoulders rather than increase them. It is quite possible if you have difficulty in believing by adopting a hobby and feeling yourself fully and relieving from your stress in your spare time. Feel the happiness of a job that you will do just because you want it, without feeling obliged to do it, and immediately enjoy this opportunity of refreshing with the hobby that suits you best!
You forgot what is sociable, how to be social. It's time to remember!

There is a pandemic, yes, we are also in it, but you probably got it a little wrong. First of all, I would like to point out that sociality is not just about going out and having a coffee or visiting the mall and trying out clothes. Just because you can't get out of the house doesn't mean you can't socialize where you are. Raise your head now from the bed or some kind of endless homework, exams… You have a lot of time at home and there are hundreds of activities you can do during these times. Can't go to the movies and watch a movie? There are many online platforms for this. Do not gyms give you confidence in terms of health? It is not that difficult to make any place or room in your home your own gym. Can't go shopping? Winter is here, it's cold, and it's fine if you knit a wool sweater, what do you say? Apart from these, all the hobbies you can do at home will keep you connected to your social life, you can be sure of that. Start researching around your interests and take an urgent hobby, we don't want to lose you!
I guess you need to find yourself first rather than your lost items...

No matter how old you are, there are things in yourself that you cannot always discover. You may have noticed this now, but it's okay. The important thing is that you realize sooner or later. I'll even tell you something else that you may not have noticed yet. You've probably never asked yourself "Am I really happy?" you didn't ask. Either you thought you were happy or you were afraid of the answer you would have to give when you asked. You thought you were living the moment, but you were actually lost in the moment. At this point, a hobby that you will adopt can help you find yourself and realize yourself. Maybe you can reveal a talent that has existed for years thanks to the hobby you acquired. In fact, your hobby has become your job and you are doing what you really love. So it's time to reveal your true self and move on with it. Think, move and hobby!
Time is like water, yes, but yours has become a waterfall, it flows ...

Stand up at 7 o'clock in the morning and start doing business, if you want, you still leave somewhere in the day. Nothing you have planned is fully realized, and you do not think that you get efficiency from what happened. Yeah right, you can't get any of them. Because of your nature, it may not be possible to do everything you need to do on time and with 100% efficiency. Even if you try to fulfill your responsibilities like a robot with a perfectionist approach, you will realize that if you do not create a breathing environment for yourself in between, you can no longer be enthusiastic to do something. This situation starts to affect your creativity, and you may start to run into an impasse. But if you add an activity to your daily plan that you enjoy spending time on, you will see that it starts to gain gold worth from every hour. Starting the day with the excitement and enthusiasm of starting a hobby will be your biggest supporter in spending your time productively. Don't let your really "empty" times upset you anymore. May time be on your side with a hobby you have acquired!

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