The pandemic period was a process that stressed us all at the beginning, and it was unfamiliar to all of us since we encountered it for the first time. As a result, while we were all social beings, we suddenly found ourselves returning to our world and minimizing our social relations. In this process, some started sports, some made bread at home and, some others watched the passage of months without really doing anything. Unfortunately, we have not reached our old, social, and pandemic-free days yet. As we all know, the pandemic process is still going on and it seems like we need to stay in our homes for a while.

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Nowadays, as we are slowly overcoming the shock and beginning to adapt to this process, I think one of the best ways for you to pass the pandemic efficiently is to have a hobby. We are already in our houses, do not get in touch with anyone, and stay at home, let’s invest in ourselves during this period. Okay, but question marks such as “what can I do at home?” or “how can I have hobbies” may have formed in your mind. To eliminate these question marks, I came up with 5 super hobby suggestions for the pandemic period.

1) You can learn a new language!

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One language, one person” said our ancestors, how beautiful they said! Learning a foreign languge can be one of the most ideal hobbies of pandemic. Thanks to developing technology, it is to your advantage that there are many websites, mobile apps and resources that you can reach for learning a language. Actually, learning a language is more than a hobby, it is necessity! I can not finish counting what it contributes to you. However, I still would like to mention a few benefits of learning languages, with your permission.

  • While learning a language, you also develop different perspectives and ways of thinking, so your brain works faster and stays vigorous.
  • When learning a new language, you start by memorizing words and some simple grammar rules. This process may seem boring to you at first, but in fact, it is one of the best ways to strengthen your memory
  • Every new language you start to learn actually contributes to your mother tongue
  • When learning a foreign language, you learn different word groups and word structures, which helps you think more creatively.
  • And of course, you get to know different worlds, you get different circles. With the foreign language you learn, you can gain experience abroad and increase your self-confidence both in your school and private life.

 2) How is the idea to start meditation?

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You can reduce the pressure of this process in which we are exposed to a lot of stress and that inevitably negatively affects our lives by doing meditation. Just like for learning a language, you can also get help from different kinds of websites, mobile applications, resources, and videos that you can reach easily for learning how to do meditation. You can access most of them for free and turn the time you spend at home to your advantage. I can give you a few reasons to start meditation that benefit you both physically and spiritually. As well as scientifically proven😉

  • I said that meditation reduces your stress if you remember. A study with 3500 adults found that at the end of an 8-week meditation period, people’s stress, depression, anxiety, and stress-induced pain were reduced with meditation.
  • Meditation, which not only reduces stress but also reduces stress-related illnesses, acts as a medicine. A different study involving 1300 adults showed that the effects of diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder, bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia can be reduced by meditation.
  • Maybe if you have sleep problems due to stress or other reasons, I can also invite you to meditation.
  • Meditation also has a nice side to relieve fatigue. For example, psychologically speaking, half an hour of meditation is said to provide more rest than sleeping all night.

3) Have you ever tried mandala before? Meet with the magical world of mandala!

The mandala, as old as human history, was described by Freud’s student psychoanalyst Carl Jung as “the psychological expression of the unity of the ego.” Mandalas, accepted as a method of treatment by psychology, are cosmic diagrams that represent wholeness and unity. Circular shapes remind us of our relationship with infinity and our connection with the universe. These circular shapes relax us and balance our energy. As Pema Chodron said, “Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life … everything that shows up in your mandala is a vehicle for your awakening.” Don’t you want to realize your awakening with the mandala, while we are up to us during the pandemic period? You can gain the positive energy we need with the mandala. Here are some of the benefits of the mandala:

  • Mandala enhances creativity.
  • It helps you raise your awareness.
  • It helps you focus by eliminating the focusing problem.

The shape you want to draw in the mandala is entirely your choice. Likewise, you are the only limit in the colors you want to paint. I’d like to share a video that I think will give you an idea and help with drawing. Here you can access our mandala drawing video. If you haven’t tried drawing a mandala, it is the time!

4) Shall we let chakras be opened? The idea of ​​yoga during the pandemic period!

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In my opinion, yoga, which is a 5000-year old Indian philosophy, is a super idea to accompany you during your quarantine days. As most of us know, yoga is both a physical and mental activity. As I mentioned before, yoga can be one of the best escape points for you, while we need some relaxation both physically, mentally, and spiritually during these days when we stay at home. There are many different types of yoga, it’s time to find the one that suits you best and open the chakras! All you have to do is take advantage of technology and leave yourself to the peaceful arms of yoga after a little research. I said physical and mental relaxation, so what are they? Let’s get to know a little better if you want the benefits of yoga.

  • Yoga has the temptation to control diabetes these days when we stay at home and eat a lot.
  • Stress or depression caused by the pandemic is a common problem for all of us. Yoga is one of the most basic solutions for this because yoga reduces stress and depression.
  • Did you know that the severe pain that occurs during PMS is reduced by yoga?
  • Thanks to yoga, you can say goodbye to chronic back and neck pain. You can get rid of these pains by improving your posture by doing regular yoga exercises.

5) Shall we create wonders in the kitchen? Let’s cook!

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Maybe all the meals you said “I do this at home”, “that is too easy to prepare” were waiting for today. When you have plenty of time, take some time, and start making those dishes you’ve always wanted to do. All the recipes you need are just a click away. You can watch videos of master chefs and try new and different recipes from their websites. In my opinion, cooking can be one of the alternatives that is the best way to evaluate the pandemic process. You wonder why? Have you heard that cooking has a positive effect on psychology? Because of this…For example, think about the moment you are singing a song in the background while cooking. I think this is what we call happiness! While cooking for a loved one, you will be in a positive mood. Cooking, which has positive contributions to psychology, can also be a source of income for you. How does? You can find out how you can turn your cooking hobby into income by clicking here. You can also visit our blog to learn about other hobbies that you can earn money, even if you say “let my hobby be my income”.

REMEMBER! I have shared hobby recommendations for you to spend the pandemic period in the most efficient way. I hope you find the most suitable hobby for you and evaluate this process in the most efficient way possible. Hobbycorn is a family and you are very precious to us! Watch yourself and don’t forget to take your precautions. Here are some precautions that you already know but want to remind…Yours affectionately.

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Ebru Kırımlı

Istanbul University – Business Management

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