Our knot formation, our steep slopes, the suns passing our heads, our drift in the wind, and even our being trapped should bear fruit now. It should leave what we want to do, a flutter of wings above our hearts, a loud excitement, and a time when we seek our ‘personal legend’.

Moments where we re-discover ourselves every day, try tons of things we haven’t done before, write brand new experiences for our ‘Tabula Rasa. But not tomorrow, today! Because yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; we only have the ‘moment’.

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There is so much to do in the world, so many books, articles to read; lots of videos to watch; there are lots of music, podcasts and stories to listen to. Every day we start the day and every hour we breathe is a very precious and unique opportunity. I can’t wait to learn everything we haven’t learned until now, to taste the dishes we never knew one day.

Of course, it’s not always just great things. Sometimes we think that the sun will never rise, the wind will not stop and we cannot suppress the noises. Unhappiness, jealousy, and anger are as natural as happiness! As much as we are very enjoyable, we can suddenly be upset. We may spend the day incredibly productive and not even want to get out of bed the next day. Wouldn’t it be better to pause for a while at such moments, walk away to see the big picture, and give ourselves some time?

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At such times, it is necessary to sit ourselves in front of us, listen to the problem, accept it, and give it time to recover. And maybe doing this with a hobby. A short walk in the open air listening to music, painting your favorite but old chest in your room, knitting that scarf of your favorite color for the winter, doing that puzzle that you never finished or maybe never started… These and more might be so good for you on your journey of finding, listening, and justifying yourself!

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Who knows how many good people we will meet in the future, what will upset us very much, what we will laugh at until we tear, discover what we do not really like, which moment we want to stop forever, where we will run away and where we want to go when we escape? And what lesson will we learn from life this time? How nice it is to live all these and more, age, change, find your way.

And our experiences in this whole process, every mistake we make, every fall, and every good day we live brings us to the place that makes us who we are today. Today, we strive to make us tomorrow. Every moment that makes us who we are is so precious that I am grateful to each one of them.

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I hope our life reaches the level we have always wanted on this very long road where we find ourselves. We easily straighten our wind-blown hair, our wet clothes dry in the sun and our scratched knees do not hurt. I hope each of us has great stories, and if we do meet one day, I would love to listen.


Nursena İşler

Yildiz Technical University

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