It can be quite difficult to create a travel plan for New York, which is known as the dream city of many people, the city that does not sleep, which is one of the most important tourism centers in the world, including Americans. Questions such as how we can visit this very large city, which can be something else to be discovered at every point, in the most efficient way, where to start, how to make it the cheapest, can turn into a big confusion while planning. For this reason, in this article, I will share with you the route I have created, the touristic places that can be seen and the little tips I know about the city. Here we go.

I would like to explore a new city on foot, but New York has a wide metro line. You can easily reach the places you will go by metro with MetroCard, which you can get from most stops including the airport. In addition, with the New York Pass, which you can get even before you travel, you can have the chance to visit many museums without paying an entrance fee or with various discounts.

We start with Brooklyn Bridge, which everyone can recognize at a glance even if they cannot see it. While crossing Manhattan by walking from the bridge, which has a unique structure, the skyscraper views of the city that cannot be enough to look at, tourists taking photos, Americans caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life allow us to take a peaceful walk.

If you want to visit Elis Island and Liberty Island, where the famous Statue of Liberty is located, you can find the ferries on the dock. Also, if you want to go to the top of the Statue of Liberty, don’t forget to buy a ticket in advance.

After crossing the dock, we come to the Financial District. This area of ​​Wall Street and stunning skyscrapers is the financial center of the city. The area is full of people throughout the week. The restaurants and bars of South Street Seaport and Stone Street are the meeting point of the working youth during rush hour. The National September 11 Memorial and Museum, built in memory of the Twin Towers, is also located in this region.

Then we pass through Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho districts, which are very close to each other. As the name suggests, Chinatown is a place where we can feel the Chinese culture. I remember feeling like I was at a carnival as I walked through the lively and colorful streets. When we come to Little Italy, the traces of Italian culture can be felt here with its Italian shops and small cafes. There are galleries, luxury shops, restaurants and bars in the Soho region, which we can call a high-level region.

When we come to the Flatiron Building, which is located in Midtown Manhatton and one of the symbols of the city with its interesting architecture, we stop at Madison Square Park. There are all beautiful parks in the city. Along the way, Madison Square Garden, which hosts sports events, appears. If you’re curious, you can arrange your trip to attend an event here. The next stop is the New York Public Library, one of the largest libraries in the world. This place was closed the day I went and I did not have a chance to see inside, I hope you can visit. From here, we arrive at the place that comes to your mind when you think of New York: Empire State Building. If you want, you can buy a ticket and watch the city from above, but I chose to do this at one of our next stops, Rockefeller Building. There are many souvenir shops in the area where Empire State is located. You better stay away from these places that sell items such as magnets, key chains, mugs, and NY printed t-shirts, because you can spend too much money on little memories with the charm of being in the heart of New York.

When it comes to eating and drinking, it is possible to find places suitable for every budget. In this regard, the venues all over the city offer endless options. You can also head to street foods such as hot dogs, donuts, bagel and pizza. If you take your meal and choose to eat in the park, I say as an experienced person, it makes you feel like a New Yorker. Bryant Park is also one of the places that tourists don’t pass without seeing, even if it’s for a rest, a snack or just to see. Since this park has a large area, it contains small cafes, many sitting areas, a carousel and a large green area. It is also possible to find places suitable for different budgets to eat and drink. If you follow the happy-hour hours, you will have the chance to do them cheaper.

If we continue to the north, we will arrive in Times Square. I do not know how to explain this place more accurately. You feel like entering a movie scene. There are many shops, restaurants and hotels in this crowded and bright area at night. I always think this is more fascinating if you go to the crowded area at night. We come to Broadway, the dream of the actors, the heart of art, which is also located in this region. You may have the chance to watch very good shows here. If you want to watch one of these shows, the price of which increases at the same rate as the play gets better, you do not have to buy tickets in advance. You can get the ticket at a more affordable price by queuing up the last few minutes before the show.

St Patrick’s Cathedral, which is very close to Rockefeller, is also one of the places worth seeing. It immediately attracts attention with its charming architecture among the skyscrapers. This cathedral, which is also charming inside, is the Catholic Archdiocese administration building of the state of New York.

Next stop is Rockefeller Center. Featuring both the shopping center and the area known as Top of the Rock for viewing the city from above, this Center is one of the city’s most frequented tourist spots. It is necessary to buy a ticket to watch the unique view of the city. Prices vary at sunrise and sunset times, but may be considered high for some. However, I can say that it was worth every penny I gave the above city view for myself.

Finally, Central Park, with an area of ​​3382 acres, may take 1 day to visit. This park, which has a zoo, lakes, museums, hundreds of plant species and facilities for ice skating in winter, is one of the most important symbols of New York. The two most famous museums here are the Metropolitan Art Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. These two museums, where you can observe the history of the world, are the places visited by tourists and are definitely worth seeing.


Ezgi Celep

Eskisehir Technical University

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