In our previous article, we shared information about paragliding. This time, we continue the flight from where it left off, fasten your seat belts because we go deeper and go into details about paragliding.

Who Can Do It?

Are you a fan of adrenaline or just want to have an incredible experience in the air with a wonderful view? You may want to participate in competitions or earn money from this area. (Yes, you can also make money!) You may want to paraglide for these or other reasons. We do not know for what purpose you want to do paragliding, but let’s just say it: There are various rules and some limitations on training and flights. Your height, weight, age, education status, above all, your health must be suitable for flying.

(You should get detailed information from authorized institutions and person.)

What Are The Features That A Person Who Wants To Paraglide Should Have?

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While watching some matches, “How can this goal missed?” “If I were there we would have won the match already!” There were times when you build that kind of sentence like after watching paragliding videos, you may have the desire to fly freely like birds and glide in the sky. However, the truth is that doing these sports is not as easy as it seems. 🙂

Whether you do it on land, in the air, or the water, you will encounter difficulties regardless of where you are doing or even the sport you do. Although you adhere to the laws of physics in paragliding, we can say that you are still opposing the existing order. You have to be in harmony with the weather, the wind, even everything. Direction, elevation, pressure … you’re in control. You will work your muscles a lot, so you will get a little tired. Sometimes things won’t go the way you want and you will get tired the other way. Do not worry, it will be worth it all, it will add a lot to you.

We all know how beneficial sports can be. It is no coincidence that most successful people have sports in their lives. The skeleton of success is willingness, being disciplined, maintaining motivation, and working hard. Playing sports gives us these features and we use these features in many areas. Likewise, we use these features to be successful in sports. Sport increases our ability to deal with difficulties. For a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a quality life, let’s include sports in our lives!

Ready To Fly?

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Yes, let’s talk a little bit about flights now. We mentioned that we have to meet some conditions to be able to paraglide. Let’s assume that we meet all the conditions, apply to the relevant places, and complete our theoretical training. Let’s head towards the day of the flight.

We know that in paragliding, external factors such as weather, wind, and altitude are very important. As you can imagine, we can’t determine the most suitable place and time for the flight. For this reason, we will go to the places determined by our instructors during the starting flights. We must follow exactly what our instructors say. Many people see paragliding as a very dangerous sport. Of course, we may encounter negativity during the flight. However, as long as we listen to our trainers and obey the rules, we cannot talk about the danger of this sport.

When we reach the hill designated for flight, we will observe the direction of the wind, its strength, meteorological condition, briefly, the suitability of the environment for flight, for about 15-20 minutes. Then we will take the wing against the wind, we will check the rope control and spare parachute pin. We will put on our helmet and put on a harness. We should not wear a harness without wearing our helmets.

First of all, we must take measures against falling. After all, we are in a high place and we are intertwined with nature and stone, so we have to be careful. We will check the harness columns and carabiners and connect our wing after being equipped. After the controls of our instructors, when we feel ready, we will run until we rise from the ground. Sometimes we’ll run like a dog chasing us; Sometimes we will rise from the ground very comfortably with a few steps we take. Afterward, we will both apply what we have learned during our pieces of training and follow the commands our trainers to give us via radio.

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The flights made during the training process are called “starting hill flights”. On these flights, people experience the feeling of flying for the first time, and for many people, this moment is quite fascinating. Starting flights are made from 30-150 meters hills and at least 10 flights must be made from these heights to proceed to the next stage. In this process, we will get a lot of help from our instructors, both in our pre-flight preparations, during and after the flight, until we fully master the flight process.

The flights made in the next stage after the training process are called “altitude flights”. Altitude means “height” for short. These flights are made from hills of 150 meters and above. This stage requires serious experience. To be able to make altitude flights and increase our excitement at one more level, we must pay great attention to beginner level flights. Every flight will be an experience for us.

What Is Station?

Although individuality seems to be at the forefront in paragliding, we cannot talk about this individuality especially at the beginning stage. Usually, the training takes place in groups. At this stage, there is a distribution of tasks. Due to repeated flights during training, the level of fatigue increases in people, and this is why the importance of helping each other is very important. In various parts of our article, we have often mentioned that the trainers are the people who help us the most. Besides our instructors, other people who help us are our friends who train with us during the flight. So here is “what is a station?” We can explain the Station: People who help those who land down after the flight.

What Is Required?

We mentioned that paragliding is the cheapest light aircraft. But we cannot say that it is very cheap. Various electronic materials such as wings, harness, spare parachute, helmet, various apparatus and accessories, radio, and other materials are not very cheap, unfortunately. You can buy either new or second-hand materials within your means. But you spend anyway. Even if you go with university clubs, you still pay a rental fee. At least on the way 🙂

So now let’s talk about the materials required for paragliding:

  • Wing
  • Hanger Ropes
  • Harness
  • Windsocks
  • Reserve Parachute
  • Helmet
  • Radio
  • Gloves
  • Flight Boat
  • Anemometer
  • Glasses

Of course, we can increase the number of these materials. 🙂

Paragliding, like many sports, is a sport that requires discipline and effort. Besides, people thanks to paragliding; can watch the unique beauty of the earth and sky, enjoy adrenaline, socialize, and always improve themselves. We have answers to some questions in our article such as, what is paragliding, what is required, who can do it, where to do it, and how to do it.  

We hope our article will help new wings glide through the sky 😊

So now you have the wing! Are you ready to soar through the sky like birds?


Sümeyye ÇİÇEK

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