While saying goodbye to summer, we greet autumn. Welcome autumn, the days for those who admire the rainy weather are very close! As this is the case, we are slowly beginning to retreat into our homes and we are looking for something to do. How about a few small changes that will make your home beautiful while you’re in your homes already? Sounds nice, right? Maybe you don’t like that vase that has been there for a long time, that corner may seem empty or the color of the walls doesn’t appeal to you anymore. Well, are you ready to recreate your house? This time, you won’t only be the host, but also the architect of these beautiful changes. If you’re ready, here are 4 hobby suggestions to help you recreate your home!


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One of the first things you can do to make your home beautiful and create it again is stained glass… So what is this stained glass? Let’s take a closer look. In other words, stained glass, also known as “glass painting“, is a design that is widely seen in places such as hotels, houses, libraries, mosques, and churches. Stained glass adds a completely different atmosphere to these spaces. You must have encountered those kinds of stained glass patterns on the windows of magnificent and historical buildings that we admire and fascinate us when we see them. Although it is referred to as glass, it is possible to apply stained glass to various and different areas of the house. For example, you can add color with stained glass to lampshades, mirrors, or other objects containing glass. It is time to meet the stained glass art, which started with the invention of glass and continues to this day, and to create stained glass patterned glasses in your home! What do you say, don’t you want to carry this magical air to your home? It’s simple, all you have to do is take some courage, enthusiasm, and imagination with you and get to work! You can access many resources and videos from the internet with one click and create a new and vibrant space with little touches to design your own. If you are wondering what the ingredients are, let’s take a look. Here are the necessary materials for stained glass:

  • Of course, our main material is glass, stained glass paints, and scissors to cut glass.
  • You can get help from the internet to decide on your designs, or you can create patterns according to your imagination and taste.
  • You can use cardboard for your drawings and stencil paper to help you see and copy the drawings more clearly.

Do not neglect to use a ruler to make the patterns more beautiful.

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As I mentioned before, the more you stay at home, the more you are attracted to the furniture and the house. It is also very likely that there are some old items in his house. Maybe you have thought of relocating, maybe you want to throw them away and buy a new one. Well, if I tell you I came with a hobby that will make you think once more before throwing them away, wood painting. With a few small touches, you can recreate your old items and add your own touch to your home and save money instead of buying new items. What would one want more?😉 Wood painting, as the name suggests, is to make these items useful and aesthetic again by painting or drawing various patterns on items with old, faded, or damaged wooden surfaces. The ingredients you need for this are simpler than you think! Don’t worry, I believe you can! Here are the ingredients, let’s take a look together if you want.

  • First of all, we need to have a wooden item to be painted. These products can be anything from tables to chairs, coffee tables to showcases, bookshelves to nightstands.
  • Then you should have sandpaper to smooth this surface.
  • And of course the paints that will revive your furniture. There are many different types of paints in wood painting art, where acrylic paint is generally preferred. For example; such as matte, metallic or glossy. After choosing the right color, there is no obstacle to create your own design in any shape and pattern you want. But beware! After applying the paint on the previously sanded surface, you should wait for a while and then pass the second layer.
  • And indispensable brushes, let’s say you decided on wood painting, you chose your paints and determined pattern. Now it is time to choose the brush. Be careful, you are at one of the most critical points of the job because brushes come in many types and sizes. Try to choose the brush that suits you best so you get the pattern you want.
  • The final stage, varnish, not only helps the surface to have a glossy appearance, but also helps the painted surface to last longer. The important point here is not to start the varnish process until you are completely sure that the paint is dry.
  • For beginners in the art of wood painting, these materials seem good enough, to begin with, but of course, you may want to apply advanced techniques going forward. For this, you have to use different and various materials.



Macrame is a very popular hobby recently and very helpful in redesigning your home with little touches. In general, macromes are made with knotting techniques and are the kind of activity that will help you decorate almost every part of your home. You can also use your macrame as a wall ornament, add it to your lampshade, make a dreamcatcher in your room, or decorate those little boxes you use to put your jewelry in, macrame is all up to you. In short, you can create a variety of macrame models that will fit everywhere. Sounds good right? Well, you can say I’ve never done it before, how will it be? But there is no need to worry, there are so many resources and visual expressions on the internet. Since it is a very affordable hobby, you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. If you made a mistake, try again, what will happen? What is needed for macrame, let’s see:

  • Macrame yarn
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • If you prefer macrame as wall decoration, you can add bamboo sticks to your list.
  • You can make your macrame more colorful and personal by adding the decor products you want. For example, you can use small evil eye beads, seashells, wooden letters, or any kind of decor that has meaning to you.



String art, in other words, yarn art, is another hobby that is popular again today and helps you to beautify your home. With the unique harmony of nail and rope, string art, which means a truly magnificent work of art, brings together two materials that express different worlds such as nails and ropes in such harmony that it is impossible not to be admired. I suggest you reserve a place for string art in the centerpiece of your house because I am sure this art will affect you too. String art, which is psychologically relaxing and has positive effects on the person rather than an aesthetic banquet, is considered as one of the psychological treatment methods in Europe. Requiring some patience and effort, string art will be very good for you and your home. While you are doing it, you will relax and your mind, and when you finish, you will have created a wonderful piece for the centerpiece of your house. The motifs you want to produce when making string art are entirely up to you. Depending on the decor, style, and mood of your home, you can decide on your own motifs. Here are the necessary materials for string art

  • First of all, we need to have a ground. The choice of flooring depends on you, but hard wood pieces are generally preferred.
  • If you want to paint the floor you will use as a background to match your home decor, you can add paint to the list.
  • Various and colorful threads are indispensable.
  • Nails for attachment to the floor
  • And a hammer to fix these nails in the ground
  • And of course, it is your inspiration that will add a spirit to inanimate matter!

That’s all you need. What you need to do now is to get geometric and aesthetic shapes by passing these colored threads around the nails.

I believe you will be very successful already and I trust you. If you want to share your changes with us, our doors and arms are always open to you. Yours .. 💙


Ebru Kırımlı

Istanbul University – Business Management

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