The vast majority of us focus only on our academic or business life. Our struggle, which started with the ambition of being the first person to solve literacy in primary school, continues throughout our lives. For us, being successful means getting 100 points in mathematics, not painting. Or, instead of seeing the time we spare for it by attending a poetry show as gaining the freedom to express ourselves, we see it as lost. We always make new updates about our business or academic life, and even add more, but we don’t say ‘let’s have a hobby‘ among them. But is it really enough to engage ourselves in this way to achieve the success we want to get to the point we want?


Let’s take a journey in history …

And go to the Ottoman period, which witnessed the rule of successful sultans. Until this time, we were generally taught such things as how they fought for their nations, how they maintained justice and how they govern. However, when we go a little deeper, we can see that they have acquired some hobbies for themselves with a little research. For example, it is believed that Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, who conquered the legendary Istanbul, was a gardener. That Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, who was the longest in the Ottoman Empire and accepted as the greatest sultan, was engaged in jewelery. Abdulmecid Han, known as the sultan of innovations and firsts, there are many people among us who do not know that ‘is a painter. Let’s consider why we don’t know these. Why do we focus only on the whole? For us, does the secret to success just come from hard work? What if our hobbies that we think should remain in the background are actually the biggest supporters of our success?


I am tired … I have no time …

I know you think that the hobbies you have or will have just yet will tire you mentally or waste your time. But having a hobby means having a companion that will help you get to know yourself, overcome the stress in your daily life, highlight your creativity, and most importantly, contribute to your work and school life. When you step outside of your comfort zone for a moment, you will soon realize that the positive effect of this is reflected in your social life, relationships and even life energy. Because what UNESCO said: “A person is old if he cannot get out of his comfort zone. In other words, if he is not learning new things, he is no longer surprised and thinks he knows many things. He is old if he does not wonder, he is old if he does not discover. If he lives in the past, in his past memories, he is old, if he constantly repeats the old.”

Throughout our lives, we always live in line with our dreams and ideals and act accordingly. The main actions of the struggle for life in all of us are to improve ourselves, to be one step or even a few steps ahead of the audience we see as rivals and to become an individual with different abilities. So where are these hobbies in this struggle? Whether you’re pursuing your academic life, just graduating or even already working, your eyes will always look for higher.

And that moment will come and bang: Prepare CV!


If we ask 10 people we meet anywhere “Have you a CV?”, we can get a yes answer from 9, or maybe 8 people. When we ask for their CVs from those 8 people we have identified and take a look at it, we see that the ‘hobbies’ or ‘interests‘ part that should be found in most of them consists of a huge gap. When preparing CVs, we usually write about our academic achievements, the trainings we have received, the competencies we have gained as a result of these trainings, and the foreign languages ​​we can speak, if any. Because we think that only these will attract attention and only make us different from others. However, employers prefer to prioritize employees who have leadership qualities, can make quick decisions, give importance to teamwork, and focus quickly on their work. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world pays attention not only to the resumes of potential individuals who will be included in his company. But also to the hobbies he has acquired. This is exactly why, including our hobbies in our resume gives very important clues about our qualifications and competencies to the other party.

I want to describe the scene that comes to my mind right now:

You opened your CV, took a look at it and came to the hobbies section. You started writing: reading a book, listening to music, going to the cinema / theater… Great hobbies yes, they are all more enjoyable than the other. But how about adding some difference? For example , I don’t think you would say no to a few hobbies that are more likely to attract attention in your CV 🙂

Preparing a CV can be really scary at time. It can become something that we feel lazy and unable to continue after we begin. When the instinct of making the other party feel different, we want our CV to be completely perfect. Be sure, it is not impossible to make your CV impress with every detail you have dreamed of. Here are some hobbies that will make your resume invaluable!



Making the brain work more efficient is of course one of the primary benefits of chess. But besides that,

• Teaching to think quickly and to make correct decisions.

Making you think creatively,

• Acting in a planned way,

• Increasing the fighting power,

• Providing foresight development,

• Helping to focus attention on a particular point

This hobby, which has more numerous features such as, will be cut out for your resume. Especially if you have a job that requires a lot of brainpower, I don’t think the other party will have a better choice than you. 🙂



Yoga is the hobby that should come to mind, and probably the first thing that comes to mind when you want to relieve yourself from stress in your daily life, feel more energetic and maintain physical balance. We have no doubt that it will relax you both physically and mentally. So what if the person who examines his resume finds out that he is doing yoga? Of course it would be great! Doing yoga tells the other party that you have a calm and controllable personality. If you have applied to work in a busy and fast-paced environment, this hobby can make you unique!



Except for some exceptional cases, I think there is no one among us who does not like swimming. If you ask me, swimming is one of the healthiest and most effective sports to do. In addition to its physical benefits, the pleasure of being able to move freely in a water body psychologically is also very important for our spiritual health. If we do not have a sports discipline that we have acquired before, the intense tempo in business life can force us to start and after, and we can quickly get tired of this routine. Swimming is one of these sports. Stating that you are interested in a sport such as swimming in your background gives the impression that you want to keep the passion of staying fit and healthy and to use it actively in business life. So without wasting any more time, swimming right!

Coding and Programming


I know he felt a little fear when he saw this title. Or you may be saying, “I don’t understand any of these.” Since this hobby can be turned into a job, nobody will expect you to be an extra professional in this field anyway. Even just dealing with it and thinking about it is very important both for yourself and for the person who will evaluate your job application. We don’t know, maybe you will improve yourself very well. Maybe it will remain as a hobby where you only spend your free time. It is an obvious fact that it will contribute to their analytical skills in both possibilities. Including it on your resume will make them see that you are someone who has the desire to learn. Now tell me, which employer would not want such an employee?



It is one of the only hobbies that can both collect and distribute energy. It is tiring but entertaining, maybe takes hours but feels free. A person who has taken dancing as a hobby will show that he is disciplined and artistic. Since discipline is indispensable in business life, this hobby can help you reach the position you dream of. Beware of! If you’re applying to an industry that requires seriousness, try to avoid over-moving dancing. A law firm and a zumba dance don’t seem like much complementary 🙂

Crossword Puzzle


I define the crossword puzzle, as the painting that everyone from 7 to 70 looks for as soon as they pick up the newspaper, can’t get enough of it, doesn’t give up no matter what and after completing all of them, they are proud of themselves. Maybe we all learned many words thanks to those newspaper supplements. The closest friends of our first brain gymnastics were crossword puzzle, and when we look today, we can see that this tradition still continues. After this long definition, if we come to the benefit of the CV of the crossword puzzle, you create the perception that the reviewer has a wide vocabulary and that you can produce great content that will benefit the organization as well as the routine work at work. A versatile employee application also attracts the attention of employers in a positive way. So don’t worry as long as your hobbies are crossword puzzle, they’ll definitely call you later 😉

Remember that these hobbies are just 6 of the hundreds! By getting a suitable hobby for you, you can use it for your business or academic life. Now that I have proved to you that it has an impact on your success and will make you different from your competitors, I do not think there is a reason to not start anymore. If you are convinced of this and want to start one of the above mentioned hobbies, start now without wasting any more time! If you would like to learn more about hobbies, you can check out our other blogs.



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