Imagine yourself on a couch at the end of an exhausting Friday evening, what would motivate you to wake up early in the weekend morning ? Of course there should be something which motivates you to do so , at this point we can talk about your hobby which makes you happy without any reason and feels you stress-free. It can be anything according to your ability , choice or interest …Like fishing , riding bike, playing chess or just running in the forest.We all may have different hobbies up to our gender , age , lifestyle so on..


So, we can describe hobby as, any kind of activity set that people wants to do without feeling any pressure in their free time in order to relax and to be happy. Think about yourself now, you are reading…Maybe listening to a song in the background simultaneously. Why do we do these activities? What is a hobby? This is the question that brings us together. Why we love them so much? It is time to figure it out and answer this question!

While some part of people defines hobbies only as “free time activity”, the remaining part may consider their hobbies as the motto of life because they give so much importance to their hobbies rather than just considering it like free time activity. What heart means to the human body? A hobby is the same part of our social life, hobby means the heart of life

As we have talked about before, we are human beings who want to do anything at any time, even in their free time. Then why not do what we like? Exactly at that point, we can talk about the hobbies, the way we like, the hobbies we have defines who we are. That is why we have hobbies. First of all, the hobby has so many good impacts on human life that is one of the most important reasons why people are so connected with their hobbies. Not only good impacts but also the values that have been added to our lives are crucial. 



  • Hobby makes you happy ! Actually , it is that simple.
  • Hobby helps us to regulate our lifes 
  • Hobby that we have helps us to gain experince 
  • When we have hobby it helps us to minimize stress of life.
  • We automatically start learning new things and improve learning ability.
  • Hobby also helps to broaden horizon of us.
  • Thanks to hobby , we can improve the life quality.
  • When we have hobby , it gets easy to improve personality.
  • When we have hobby , we can create a comfort zone which helps us to create a chance to be real us.

We all see people who has patience to their activities but some of us still do not know how they connected with this activities so strong. Maybe and most probably a big part of your heart wants to be one of them. Think of your life. At least for once you have been asked “ what is your hobby ?” or “do you have any hobby?”.

Now it is time to ask yourself from heart, do you ? Or you haven’t met the hobby of your life yet ? Maybe you have found it but has some difficulty to keep it doing . It is also possible but do not worry! It is time to realize yourself and find the hobby which is exactly for you. Are you asking how ? Only thing you should do is to trust and let Hobbycorn find you to hobby of you ! Hobbycorn is not only helping you to find your hobby , but also helps you to use it regulary with tracking it !

REMEMBER! There are no people without hobbies, there are people who have not to meet Hobbycorn yet!


Ebru Kırımlı

Istanbul University – Business Management

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