We all know the importance of quality and regular sleep. While a quality sleep adds vitality to us, it helps us start the day energetically, increases our efficiency, and positively affects our health. So do you know how to improve your sleep quality? In today’s article, we will talk about 5 hobbies that you should definitely include in your life to improve your sleep quality!


Yoga is a discipline that includes physical, mental and spiritual practices. Breathing techniques, exercises and meditation are used as a whole. According to researches, with the decrease in body temperature. Practicing regularly allows the body temperature to first increase and then decrease.  By the way the transition to sleep accelerates and provides deep sleep.


We suggest you a very easy hobby to take a breath from the hustle and bustle! Isn’t it time to go back to nature? 20 fun walks a day will be very good for you both physically and mentally. Moreover, you can be alone with yourself if you want, or you can turn it into a social activity that you will perform as a group.


How would you like to stop for a while and be alone with yourself after working hard all day? You can play your favorite song in the background or try listening to low frequency music that will help you fall asleep.


People who are in a state of stress are known to have trouble sleeping. One of the most effective ways to relieve stress is to read a book. In the measurement made by Sussex University by controlling blood pressure, it was observed that there was a decrease in stress level 6 minutes after starting to read a book. Thanks to the reduced stress level, a very comfortable sleep will be waiting for you.


We just mentioned the effect of stress on sleep. Everything that happens during the day can become a source of stress for you and deprive you of quality sleep. You can take 10 minutes to yourself before going to bed. It will make you very comfortable to write down all your thoughts that burden you in a few sentences.


Sumru Abdullaoğlu

Istanbul University

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