Besides being a communication tool, language is a thinking tool. According to a saying of Henry Ford; “The secret to success is to understand the point of view of others”. The most efficient way to understand other people’s point of view is to share the same language with them. Therefore, the most important things that learning a language can give you is perspective and the ability to understand different cultures.

Considering all these, we can say that learning a new language is worth the effort put into this way. You may want to learn one of the popular languages so that it reaches the most people. One of them is in German.

No matter how motivated you are, learning a new language can be a bit challenging. It may take extra effort to learn German, especially if the language you speak is not from the same language family. That’s why we have prepared some activities and tips that will make this process easier and enjoyable for you.

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Watching movies and TV series

While learning a language, hearing the pronunciation of words will make things much easier for you. That’s why we have prepared a list of German TV series and movies, one more enjoyable than the other, according to the instructor’s suggestions.

Dark: It is one of the most talked about TV series of recent years. The series, which starts with the disappearance of a child, takes us on a mysterious journey.

Der Tatortreiniger: The series about murder cases has reached a cult status in Germany. With this series, you can also improve your knowledge of German culture.

Weissensee: It is a series about two families who lived in East Berlin in 1980 and 1990. It deals with some important issues as well as the fall of the Berlin Wall. You can examine the situation and cultural situation of Germany in the 80s through the TV series.

Dogs of Berlin: The series about the murder of a famous Turkish actor is centered around two policemen who cannot get along. There are both good and bad cops in the crime-themed series.

Bad Banks: Released in 2018, the series is about the rapid rise of a banker.

Heidi: Heidi, a six-year-old orphan, is brought to the Swiss Alps, where her old grandfather Alpöhi lives, after living with her Aunt Dete for a few years.

Die Vermessung der Welt: This film, which tells the stories of the mathematical genius Carl Friedrich Gauss and the geographer eccentric scientist Alexander von Humboldt, starting from childhood and continuing until his death in a humorous and clear language, is ideal for those who love mathematics, science, botany, geography and discovery.

Nirgendwo in Africa: A film based on Stefan Zweig’s novel of the same name. It is an Oscar award for Best Foreign Language Film. True story. It is about the fleeing of a Jewish family in 1938, foreseeing the tension and developments created by the Nazi movement in the country.

Goodbye Lenin: The mother of our hero, who was arrested in a demonstration protesting the regime in East Germany, suffers a heart attack during this incident. He falls into a coma. A few months later, the Berlin Wall collapsed. Everything has changed when the woman comes out of the coma.

Nordwand: An influential production of the Eiger Mountine, which was followed in the world in 1936 on the extremely dangerous northern slope of the Eiger mountain, which was not climbed until that day.

Listen to music

Speaking of hearing, it wouldn’t be without listening to music, right? What did they say: Music is the food of the soul. Here are some German song suggestions for different genres:

  • SDP – Ich muss immer an dich denken
  • Sarah Connor – Wie schön du bist
  • SIDO – Astronaut (feat. Andreas Bourani)
  • I.Z. – Hurra die Welt geht unter ft. Henning May
  • Juli – Elektrisches Gefühl
  • Marteria – Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)
  • Marteria, Yasha & Miss Platnum – Feuer (Lila Wolken EP)
  • Cro – Traum
  • Alligatoah – Lass liegen
  • 257ers – Holland

You can listen to lots of German songs from your favorite genres.

Reading a book or listening to audiobooks

No matter how successful the translation is, it is more correct to read the work in its own language in order to understand the work of art and the artist in the best way. Reading books is a necessary and enjoyable language learning activity in order to improve your grammar, learn best words and master sentences.

However, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it happens that we cannot spare time to read books. But is this an obstacle for book lovers like us? Never. We can listen to audiobooks while walking, in traffic, cooking, drinking our coffee. This is a great opportunity not only to learn the book from its original language, but also to learn how to pronounce the words as we just mentioned. You can listen to any book in any language you want. But our recommendation is to listen to the books originally written in German so that you can better understand the author’s point of view.

The books you choose according to your level will of course differ, but we will give you some examples of German books we like.

Der Kleine Prinz: The writer’s plane breaks down and is forced to land in the Sahara Desert. He meets the Little Prince in the desert. The Little Prince begins to tell the author about his place and his adventures. He is a prince who lives alone on the B612 Asteroid. He takes care of the rose he loves on his planet. He had to travel to other planets because he wanted to find ways to find ways to be more beneficial to his rose.

Die Verwandlung: The main protagonist of the book, Gregor Samsa, is told in the story as an ordinary marketer responsible for supporting his family. However, rather than the familiar depictions of the novel and story world, Gregor is portrayed as a type that clings to him as he never complains about his life. And one morning Gregor wakes up to a reality far beyond his usual life. Finding himself transformed into a huge insect, Gregor is terrified the first time he realizes this.

Die Leiden Des Jungen Werthers: Goethe’s letter-style novel about the painful relationship that a young law intern named Werther established until her suicide with Lotte, on the other hand, an engaged woman.

Schachnovelle: The plot of the book centers around a chess duel on a ship. You will find deep traces of recent history in this meaningful clash of two opponents, one of which is embraced by chess to exist and the other not to disappear.

Angst: A respectable woman who lived a comfortable and sheltered life, tired of her eight-year marriage, emerged from the cocoon of the bourgeois world and threw herself into the arms of a young pianist. However, with the sudden appearance of a blackmailer who is aware of this secret relationship, he threatens to lose all the beauties he has just realized in his life and falls prey to an overwhelming fear.

To share this purpose with someone

Striving for this purpose and doing activities together with someone who wants to learn German like you will motivate each other, discipline you and make the event enjoyable.

Conversation with native speakers

One of the most important things to do when learning a language is to change your language of thought, which is quite difficult. This difficulty can be easily overcome by talking and establishing dialogue. One of the most efficient ways to practice speaking is to contact people whose native language is the language you want to learn. This will not only add perspective and a completely different culture to you, but also get you used to daily speech and original accent.

To follow social media accounts

Following social media accounts in German will keep you updated on the country you are interested in and its people.

If possible, travel to German-speaking countries

Traveling to the country whose language you want to learn will help you a lot in speaking practice. This would be a great opportunity to be in the streets you see in the movies, to experience the excitement of seeing a new place, as well as to get to know the culture and people of that country.


Ezgi Celep

Eskisehir Technical University

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