Flying is perhaps one of the gifts many of us would like to have innately. Soaring freely in the sky, wandering among the clouds, becoming friends with birds… Even this dream is exciting, isn’t it? In this article, we will talk about a great sport with you dear hobby lovers, which offers you the colors of nature and makes you feel the freedom and adrenaline in your bones: Paragliding.


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The Wright Brothers pioneered another aviation event in the 1940s, with a kind of kite they made from a few pieces of curtain fabric, as well as their successful earlier flights. In the early 1980s, paragliding took its place in the aviation vocabulary by people interested in air sports.

When it comes to paragliding, many people think of a free-fall parachute. Although paragliding has similarities with freefall parachute, these two sports should not be confused with each other. The paragliding dome is a wing that can be blown by the wind. You don’t need an aircraft to paraglide. So you don’t jump from anywhere. (Jumping in paragliding disrupts wing balance.) By running from a slope and high hill, you “take off.” On the free-fall parachute, you need an aircraft. You “fall” from a higher place.

Paragliding is a simple aircraft. It is the cheapest and lightest aircraft that can fly without any engine power, just using rising air currents. Paragliding, which is developing rapidly in the world, is preferred by nature and adventure lovers because it’s intertwined with nature.


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Although some people think that this sport is just running and then hovering, this is not true. What to do before and after the flight is very important for a healthy and safe flight. With paragliding training, you can learn what you need to do before, during, and after the flight and what paragliding is.

Paragliding training consists of various stages. At the beginner level, you learn how to take off from a hill easily, fly, and land safely. The minimum time required for this training is approximately one week. Of course, with a week of initial training, you cannot fly as you wish from anywhere. For this, you must gain experience and continuous training. If you get paragliding training, you will learn everything about flying to the finest detail thanks to the training. Maybe you will turn this sport that you started as a hobby into expertise. Who knows? 🙂

For paragliding training, you can contact university clubs or paragliding instructors, private institutions, and organizations.

If you say “No, I just want to be a passenger on parachutes for two with an experienced pilot.” your job is very easy! This type of flight is called a tandem flight. You don’t need any training for the tandem flight. Before the tandem flight, you will be briefed by the pilot. Then you can enjoy your flight by following the pilot’s instructions.

There are lots of regions and hills where you will watch a beautiful, calm sunset view or feel the excitement and adrenaline with acrobatic movements.

We have listed some places where you can do paragliding:

  • Sedona Red Rocks, USA
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  • Paragliding in Sun Valley, USA
  • Paragliding in Hawaii, USA
  • Paragliding in Orizaba, Mexico
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  • Interlaken, Switzerland
  • Oludeniz, Turkey
Picture retrieved from Unsplash
  • Canoa Quebrada, Brazil
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