For a working person, it seems to work 7 days a week, 8 hours every weekday, and in the rest of the time, it seems enough for people to devote time to their hobbies, socialize, that is, to spend their time productively. When we look at it this way, knowing that the day is 24 hours a day, we start by making promises that we will spare time for ourselves as well as our work each week. We ignore a very important detail, let alone a detail, a fact that takes control of most of our time in our daily lives: Technology.

Factors such as ever developing technology, increasing social media platforms, and the development of mobile networks add accessibility to us at all times. But also prevent us from turning to our freedom, our own interests, and acquiring new hobbies. Our weekly plans, which we have created with enthusiasm, often deviate or enter into an unlimited delay cycle due to all these factors.


After the first two weeks of the pandemic, perhaps all of us have created a to-do-list to be applied at the beginning of each week. We said that to ourself this will not be the case anymore. Maybe there have been many times that we have planned 7 days of the week. We made a weekly schedule on a sheet of paper using colored pencils. There are some of us maybe who wrote around the clock what to do, our hobbies, our online courses. If available, when to eat and even when to sleep, just like me.

So how much of this perfectly planning on Sunday was put into practice on Monday?

Did we really eat at the time that was written there? How much time could we devote to those present, let alone start a new hobby or a different activity? I’m not saying we never did, but I’m sure it wasn’t even close to the plan we made.

According to a study conducted among American undergraduate and graduate students …

One of the research teams took their attention in a different direction with funny YouTube videos to students. These students had to solve a problem with their job. In this process, the procrastination actions of the students were observed. This observation is evaluated according to the low, medium and high levels related to the job they are dealing with. The students who watched four videos and postponed the middle way put forward a significant more creative on the subject than the students who watched one video and delayed a little, and the students who watched eight videos and postponed it a lot. The researchers’ comment on this issue is as follows:

Subheading distribution

When people are sincerely motivated or engaged in a job that requires creativity, they move away from the problem they are working on and engage in other jobs, this work that requires creativity or motivation will be ‘brewed’ so that people can look at this job with a fresher eye and find new solutions.However, if this brewing period is kept too long, pressure will be put on them and their creativity will be interrupted as the delivery time approaches.

If we have to make a share from the parable here, procrastination can be the worst enemy of our creativity or the closest friend. Provided that you keep yourself under control, it will be perfect for you to spare time for yourself and distract your mind with different things. As long as a form of attention to don’t spend your time with excuses or uncontrolled mess, you always have time for your work  and most importantly  for yourself.


When you read these lines, I seem to see that you have an awareness and feel more motivated. Yes, it always happens like this. We do a little research accompanied a coffee, read a few things, share our thoughts with those around us, get support from them. And all at the same time think that we provide the necessary motivation. As time passes, the fact that nothing we want goes right and on time shows us that there are different points we need to pay attention to somewhere.

So what should we do…

Let we have time to achieve the success we want at school or at the workplace, and to create an environment to breathe in our already busy lives with these obligations, and to take on a hobby?

First of all, stay alone with yourself and ask: Am I living to work or do I work to live? If your answer is to work to live, here are 5 tips to manage your time in your favor!


1) What are your priorities? Make a list now!

First, write it down on a piece of paper for all the work that comes to your mind and you have to do. Think long and hard about your every work, decide how important it is to you, and rate that job. Make a ranking with the scores after doing the same for all of them. This method will definitely find out your most important job!


2) Everything is under your control, even time!

If you have a revel in front of you and a job you plan to finish that day, you don’t want funny cat videos to distract you, right? Don’t let anything get dispersed your concentration. I would like to say press the button in case of danger. But unfortunately, the thing that creates danger is your will and there is no concrete stop button yet. That’s why the only thing you have to do in such a situation is to think that if you don’t finish that job at that moment, everything else will hang down and you will have no time to pamper with your hobbies yourself.


3)You can scream for HELP! once in a while

Have the things you had to do turned into a mountain in front of your eyes? You have to act immediately so that this mountain does not cause a volcano eruption. You may have burdened yourself with more work than you can handle without realizing it. But you don’t  try to make up for this by reducing the time you devote to your social life or hobbies. Surely there is someone around you to help you. It is the most logical way you can apply by sharing your workload with them.


4) Sleep is not a waste of time!

Many researches have proven that people need 8 hours of sleep a day. Even if we defend that we do not get tired by thinking that we spend a lot of time at home due to the pandemic, we are exposed to many emotions such as stress, excitement and tension in our daily life. These feelings, there have enough reasons for our body to feel the need for rest. Our body is rested and balanced with the best sleep. Be sure that after getting the sleep you need and starting your day. You will see the increased efficiency in your work!


5) Hobby time!

This is the that moment! You have had a very productive day or a week, all the work you have to do has been carefully done and stands before you in all its glory. It’s hobby time now! Take time only for yourself and your hobbies at the time or day you have set before. Don’t share this moment with anything other than your hobbies, unless it’s an emergency. Even if you don’t have a hobby, you deserve it now! Get a new hobby now and increase quality your time for yourself.

If you are having trouble choosing a hobby that suits you, you can use other blogs on our website. I’m sure you’ll find it there!

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