In this blog, I want to talk about wonderful documentaries that I said “wow” after watching, that do not last for hours like movies and do not keep me waiting at the door of the new season like series.

From the human brain to minimalism, from social media to the food industry, I came up with 5 great documentary suggestions that I think you will never regret after watching.

After watching, I would love to hear your comments and listen to their suggestions, if any! Let’s start now.

The Social Dilemma

sosyal ikilem afiş

The subject of this documentary, which I was very impressed with when I watched it, is the evolution of social media.

I leave the opening promise as follows.

Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse.


Today, we see how smartly even the smallest details are designed on us poor social media lovers in the documentary, which offers the opportunity to listen to the development of the strongest social media giants from their former employees, and of which we are all a member. In fact, you may consider closing all your social media accounts after watching this documentary, which presents topics that we all know more or less in a beautiful and collective transmission, yes I am one of them.

In the documentary, I want to share with you, my dear reader, a sentence that most impressed me and most viewers according to my research.

If you are not paying for the product, they you are the product.

Food, Inc.

gıda ltd.

First of all, I got too stuck between recommending and not recommending this documentary, and finally here we are.

First of all, I would like to warn you that you will not see too many aesthetic things while watching, because if I need to summarize the documentary, Food, Inc explains where the food bought from the markets in America actually comes from and what it means for future generations and our health. The documentary also touches on the friendly relations between government agencies and decent food companies. So much so that these relationships are extremely damaging to animal rights, the environment, agriculture and consumer health.

I strongly recommend that you should watch this documentary that awakens, shocks and causes a little nausea.

The True Cost

gerçek bedel

As a business student, I can say that I felt a bit strange after watching this documentary recommended by my professor. As I mentioned in the social dilemma, seeing some things concretely that are actually in front of our eyes and that we have always known, makes the subject more understandable for me. When you see the real face of things, life gets a little fun. But I want to believe that we are on the way to becoming a conscious and sensitive world that does not prefer the happiness of ignorance.

Let’s see who actually costs some things and how they pay.

The True Cost, is a fashionable documentary that is actually a bit old.

The 2015 documentary dramatically touches on the impact of the fashion industry on the world. It painfully reveals the extent of the consumption frenzy and what the purchased and costing products actually cost. After watching this documentary, which offers a great overview of general issues such as cheap labor and environmental pollution, I could not stop thinking about so many things over and over again. I strongly recommend you to watch it.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

minimalizm belgesel

Have you ever wanted to buy the road to happiness? The documentary, as the name suggests, deals with the philosophy of minimalism in a really impressive way. Without further ado, I want to share some parts of the documentary and make you think a little bit, dear reader.

I had everything I ever wanted. I had everything I was supposed to have. Everyone around me said you’re successful. But, really I was miserable. There was this gaping void in my life. So, I tried to fill that void the same way many people do. With stuff. Lots of stuff.



explained belgeseli

Explained, perhaps one of my favorite documentaries bursts with information by presenting extremely surprising information to its audience. In the documentary series, each of which consists of 15-20 minutes on average, he addresses many different topics, from dreams to music, from cryptocurrencies to the global water crisis, from coronavirus to monogamy, by providing pill information.

My favorite and impressive event is that it presents briefly the current information of the era we live in. I think you should definitely watch it.


Ebru Kırımlı

Istanbul University

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