Leather Craft 101 – Get to Know the Leather!

We are here with a hobby suggestion that will feed your passion for both producing and constantly gaining new knowledge: Leather Craft. In our globalizing world, you are also interested in this field, which has managed to come from past to present by preserving its craftsmanship values, but if you do not know where to

Why Do We Feel This Way?

Sometimes we fall, sometimes we get up, sometimes we don't want to get up from where we fell. Isn't it all very natural? If the motivation that we are looking for outside, constantly spoke about and lost in its lack is always here? Come on, let's have a chat! I guess there are some things

The Flight Continues: Paragliding

We have answers to some questions in our article such as, what is paragliding, what is required, who can do it, where to do it, and how to do it. We hope our article will help new wings glide through the sky 😊

A Hobby That Takes You To The Air: Paragliding!

In this article, we will talk about a great sport with you dear hobby lovers, which offers you the colors of nature and makes you feel the freedom and adrenaline in your bones: Paragliding.

4 Types of Hobbies You Need to Get

Our hobbies take our stress away, they make boring times fly by, but can we also use our hobbies to make us more productive, happier and more successful people? You can change your life, be healthier and even make money by trying a new hoby. In this article we will be talking about 4 types

The Secret To Perfect Photos In 5 Points: Analogue...

“I don’t like these, can you shoot a few more?” How many times do you hear this sentence during the day? Or what they said while sitting with your friends, “Everybody close, I’m taking a selfie!”sentence in the same way. We all cannot deny that taking photos  are a huge part of our lifes. Was

A Guide to Working Out During the Pandemic

During the pandemic we all started to pay more attention to our health, and one of the best things for health is exercise. Learn about different types of training, pick the most suitable one and start today!

One More Sub-Topic to My CV: My Hobbies!

The vast majority of us focus only on our academic or business life. Our struggle, which started with the ambition of being the first person to solve literacy in primary school, continues throughout our lives. For us, being successful means getting 100 points in mathematics, not painting. Or, instead of seeing the time we spare

Recreate Your Home With 4 Hobbies

While saying goodbye to summer, we greet autumn. Welcome autumn, the days for those who admire the rainy weather are very close! As this is the case, we are slowly beginning to retreat into our homes and we are looking for something to do. How about a few small changes that will make your home

5 Tips to be the Master of Your Own Time

For a working person, it seems to work 7 days a week, 8 hours every weekday, and in the rest of the time, it seems enough for people to devote time to their hobbies, socialize, that is, to spend their time productively. When we look at it this way, knowing that the day is 24

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